How to style short hair men

Imagine this: You’ve got a lovely date this weekend. As a stylish guy, you know exactly what to do – visit the barber and get a fresh haircut that will make you feel confident and ready to impress.

Fast forward to the following day, and your hair no longer looks as stylish as it did right after the haircut. What do you do? Cancel the date? Do not worry, my friend; it’s not the end of the world. 

Short hair can be difficult to style, but with the exact knowledge and fashion, you will have your hair looking barbershop quality in no time. With a plenty of men’s short hairstyles out there, it’s important to know how to term them and which products to use for the stylish outgrowth.

Don’t worry, gentlemen; I’m here to help you with that. In this article, I’ll be taking you on a journey, weaving a tale of a memorable date, while providing you with essential information on:

4 best styles you need

You having a date with a captivating woman(what a coincidence). You want to make a lasting impression, and your hairstyle plays a vital role. Let’s explore four popular short hairstyles for men that will make you stand out:

Ivy League Cut:

Known for its preppy background, the Ivy League hairstyle has come one of the most iconic fellows short hairstyles.

With a length generally no further than 2 altitude on top and shorter on the sides, this is a chief for men who want a classic and everlasting hairstyle.

This is a perfect haircut for men of all face shapes and offers a classic look that will not fail.

A boy having ivy league cut

To style the Ivy League cut:

  • Use clay or putty for texture and hold.
  • For a smarter look, use your fingers to keep it casual, or use a comb to help the style.
  • Maintain it every 2-3 weeks, as it is a little ‘longer’ short cut; you don’t have to maintain that often.

Crew Cut:

classic- crew- cut
Inspired by 1950s Military tradition, the crew cut is one of the most infamous hairstyles for guys with short hair.

It comes in shorter than the Ivy League and generally offers shorter length on the sides and back. With its short nature, this is a low- care and feeding haircut you will love.

This type of cut is excellent for men with varied shape sizes and offers a adaptable style that goes with any outfit.

a boy having crew cut

To style the Crew Cut:

  • Use clay or texture powder for hold.
  • Men with thick hair may not need any product for a casual look like this.
  • Due to its shorter length, it will need to be maintained more often, typically every 1-2 weeks.

High and Tight:

The high and tight hairstyle is a moderate- keep haircut in that it does not need to be nominated much, depending on the top length.

It features grandly- cropped sides and back, with varying lengths on top. This top length determines how important or how little you’ll have to term it.

High and tights are known for their service- inspired look and do not have important of a mix at the top. You can choose how long the top is, but too long, and you will enter the home of a disconnected style hairstyle.

a boy with high and tight cut

To style the High and Tight cut:

  • If the top length is longer, use clay or putty for hold.
  • Most men can rock this style product-free.
  • It does require constant maintenance to keep its length, depending on intensity.

Buzz Cut:

Incipiently, we find the most straightforward men’s short haircut to maintain — the buzz cut.

The buzz cut has military heritage but is generally known as the most manageable hairstyle to maintain as a joe. Its ruggedness also gives it a spot on the list of hairstyles that women love.

This haircut is a simple, one- length cut across the entire head and offers versatility and simplicity. It doesn’t bear any products to style or maintain, and it goes well with utmost face shapes.

a boy with buzz cut

To style the Buzz Cut:

  • You don’t need any products to style this haircut.
  • If you prefer a longer buzz, you may find texture powder helpful in eliminating any greasy look.
  • Due to its simplicity, a buzz cut can be touched up weekly or not for several weeks, depending on preference.

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Styling Tools for Short Hair

ow, let’s discuss the best hair styling products that will take your short hair to the next level.

  1. Clay and Putty: For great hold and texture without a slick appearance, try VITAMAN’s Matt Mud, a clay-based hair styling product that guarantees excellent results. Hair clay and putty have the same purpose of providing texture and hold without the mess of any gel or pomade.

Hair putty offers an extremely strong hold with minimal shine, making it the preferred choice for adding texture and hold. On the other hand, clay provides texture with a slightly lighter hold, offering a convenient option for quick and easy styling.

As a general rule, use putty when you desire a long-lasting hold throughout the day, and opt for clay when you need a fast and short-term styling solution.

  1. Gel/Pomade: VITAMAN’s Hair Styling Gel is an exceptional, all-natural option for men who aim to style their short hair to perfection. Hair gel or pomade provides maximum hold, but keep in mind that they often result in a high shine finish.

These products are best suited for achieving a sleek, slicked-back look or a shinier quiff-like appearance. Gel and pomade work particularly well for men with an Ivy League or crew cut style, elevating their overall appearance. To achieve a truly polished look, consider applying gel or pomade with a comb.

  1. Texture Powder: Texture powders are a fantastic addition to your hair-styling routine as they offer remarkable volume and hold, similar to clay and putty. However, the advantage lies in the fact that your hair remains softer and more malleable.

Unlike stronghold products like clay and putty, texture powder allows you the freedom to move and restyle your hair without feeling locked in place. Additionally, these powders effectively remove greasy residue, leaving you with a polished, shine-free hairstyle.

Remember, gents, whether you choose the Ivy League, crew cut, high and tight, or buzz cut, mastering the art of styling your short hair is key. With the right knowledge and the perfect products, you’ll always be ready to make a lasting impression.

Maintaining Your Short Hairstyle

The best part about rocking short hair is the minimal effort required to make it look stylish. Here are some maintenance tips to keep your short hairstyle on point:

  • Visit the barber regularly to maintain the desired length.
  • Depending on your haircut, you may need more frequent touch-ups.
  • Embrace the simplicity of short hair, as it requires less styling and maintenance compared to longer hairstyles.

And there you have it, gentlemen! With the knowledge of the best short hairstyles for men, the right styling products, and a little maintenance, you’ll be ready to rock that short hair with confidence and charm. Now go out there and create your own memorable date night with your girl.

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